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I love running during my vacations, although it can be the absolute worst at first to wake up at 6 am Eastern Time when you live on the west coast. >_<

Really though, I can't think of a better way to get to know a new destination than letting be rubber soles pound the pavement in the early mornings. (Your run in North Carolina sounds decadent!)

I ran on a cruise ship last winter a few times. It was amazing to watch the sun set while you're in the middle of the ocean, but I was otherwise MISERABLE: the soft winds were either trying to take the my hat off or blowing salty water on my face or both. There were a million people to dodge. (Walking the deck before 7 am is not allowed and right at 7 is a group walk anyway) The worst were people walking with headphones in their ears - they could not hear my monstrous footsteps coming behind them! Even worse, the random splashes made the deck a little wet, I almost slipped a couple of times.

Have fun on your vacation on Wednesday, Maine is absolutely stunning!

The best vacation run I had was one year in Caerleon, Wales. Out at 7 am, got such a different perspective of the town, and really got to learn my way around. The highlight of the run was a street sign warning drivers that a two-way road was turning into a one way road (and one way the wrong way for the drivers it was warning). It said "Changed priorities ahead". I had to go back and take a photo later. I have many points in my life where I could have used a sign like that. :-)

Good luck running in Maine

Yay-blake: Thanks, I'm hoping to have a great time! It looks like it may well be rainy, so we're working on a rain plan.

Margie: I bet running in Wales was awesome, and I love that sign! I would want to steal it and put it on my wall.

Or you can sign up for races out of town and make a vacation out of it as well.

Otherwise, like everyone else, I may pack for a run during vacation, but I never really make it out there.

Margie: Don't you just love road signs in the UK!

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