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This post, for me, is related to yesterday's post about PLRs (Pants of Last Resort), because my PLR are very comfortable but ugly as sin. Technically speaking, I'm not allowed to wear them at all if I'm walking/running with my wife, and I'm under strict orders to go to great lengths to avoid being seen by anyone she knows even if she isn't with me. So, as you can see, both these posts are about running fashion from my point of view.

Now, I look at the picture you have provided and literally can't wait to buy a pair of these shoes to distract people from my horribly ugly pants!


PS What store sells them around here?

They have them at Casual Adventure on Washington Blvd, and they're really nice there. Buy a pair and you can be our guinea pig!

I bought a pair a couple of weeks ago. I learned about them from reading the incredible book, Born to Run. Having been completely sold on the benefits of allowing our foot muscles to flex and do their thang, I could get past their weird look. Now, after walking around town in them and feeling the warmth of the pavement, I'm sold. In a way, I like that they look crazy and stand out. That only reinforces to myself that I have committed to a whole new way of life - one that is more active and in which I consumer only healthy food.

My goal is to run in them once I heal from the back surgery I had last week. If you want to learn more about the benefits of barefoot running, or see some very fashionable 'barefoot' shoes, I have some more info here: http://bit.ly/HPlxg. I think you'll love the Vivo Barefoot shoes (they have some very cute mary-janes).

You'll have to bring this up with Eric when we all get together in September. I told him that I was finally breaking down and buying a Garmin. Hoping that buying a gadget would motivate to run, he then sent me a link to said picture. I told him he should try it out first. I think he decided for a more conventional looking shoe, but with similar aim of mimicking walking/running barefoot.

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