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How timely! I just read an article about this on the New York Times Well blog: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/18/phys-ed-the-right-kind-of-sports-bra/#

I promise this isn't spam--it's a link to a real article. :) Basically it says that the right bra for those of us overly blessed in that area doesn't yet exist, but that it is in the works in Australia. That said I've had tons of luck with the Enell bra--spendy, but it works, even during a marathon.

Thanks, Lana! I was looking for a reference article when I wrote this and didn't find much. The Enell is certainly the gold standard in sports bras!

One thing my Mom always stressed to em is buy a good bra! When you have a good bra and a good pair of shoes a woman is happy she says. As funny as it sounds it is so true! I stressed that to my own daughter and she now arees. The best way to get a bra is go to a place like Victoria Secret to get meassureed. They are tought well on how to do it properly. Then I suggest buying a bra someplace else. It is so important to have a good fitting one for so many reasons.

Great article!

Q- may I quote you/this in a future newsletter... well done.

It's like a train wreck, you can't help but watch and you feel badly for staring (not b/c you're a perv, but b/c you feel their pain)

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